Chamber of Commerce

13895200_1192654930805750_2177883930453975044_nThe Claresholm Chamber of Commerce was re-established in 1994 and has maintained a continuous membership in the community since that time. The organization is comprised of volunteers representing a cross-section of the many types of businesses in Claresholm and the surrounding area. These volunteers direct and implement the services, events, and operations that make up the Chamber’s annual mandate.

Since the most recent inception, the Chamber of Commerce has evolved to a vibrant organization that is responsive to the needs and desires of its membership. It is a home for business community members who wish to affect their surroundings in strong and positive ways. The Claresholm & District Chamber of Commerce is eager to meet the future of business in Claresholm. Please visit the Chamber’s website HERE or contact us via e-mail at or by phone at (403) 625-0375.

Over the past several years, the Claresholm & District Chamber of Commerce have:

  • completed the Ringrose Park project, joining 49th Avenue to the downtown parking lot. This vacant lot was purchased by the Town of Claresholm in 2007 and landscaped by the Chamber of Commerce in 2008;
  • had 3 historical murals painted in Claresholm. The first, painted by Doug Driediger (Calgary, AB), was painted on A&B Bakery in 2000 (50th Avenue West), and the second, painted by Keith Holmes (Galiano Island, BC) & Stan Phelps (Calgary, AB) Completed September 9, 2003, was painted on the Field’s store (49th Avenue West) in 2003. The third mural titled Traditional Wisdom Mural- an Inheritance to Treasure was painted in the spring & summer of 2012 by local artists Pamela Copeland & Catherine Abel. Dedicated August 2012 and located in the heart of Downtown Claresholm in Ringrose Park on 49th Avenue West. We are very proud of our latest mural depicting the history and heritage of our community;
  • offered an annual Trade Fair that exhibits local businesses while also bringing external offerings to the town of Claresholm;
  • implemented a series of community events to give something back to the community members who support our member businesses year-round;
  • assisted in the development of a community phone directory. This handy booklet, full of phone numbers for just Claresholm, Stavely and Granum residents and businesses, is the handiest thing ever! Produced by the Claresholm Local Press, you have an opportunity to promote your business at a reduced cost! Call the Local Press at 403-625-4474 for more information on how to be included in this book