Emergency and Health Services

Dial 911 for Emergencies (Fire, Police, Ambulance).

Are you prepared in the event of an emergency?
Please visit the Alberta Emergency Management Agency’s website HERE for more information!
Who Depends on You in 72?

The Town of Claresholm’s Municipal Emergency Plan (MEP) is a general guideline for responding to an emergency in our municipality. The MEP sets out the steps to follow for municipal representatives in the case of some type of emergency. To read more about when and why the Town would enact the MEP, please read HERE.

The Town of Claresholm is member of the Foothills Regional Communications Centre which has its headquarters in Black Diamond, AB. From this Centre all 911 calls are received and forwarded to the appropriate service.

The Claresholm Volunteer Fire Department has proudly served and protected the citizens of Claresholm since 1908. Since those early years when their equipment consisted of two 60 gallon portable chemical tanks, the department has progressed with the times to become an extremely competent and efficient organization. The fire department consists of 25 volunteers who are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. The Claresholm Volunteer Fire Department is honored in having had on their department, Canada’s oldest active volunteer firefighter: Mr. James Lawrence had 53 years of service until his death in July of 1972. The Department is proud of their record in receiving several awards presented by the National Fire Protection Association of Canada. These awards were made in recognition of their efforts in fire prevention activities. One of the awards was for attaining first place in Canada for a town with a population from 2,500 to 5,000. The Department meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday for training. Part of their responsibilities include emergency vehicle rescues. The Fire Hall is located on 43rd Avenue West (Highway 520). Please visit their website HERE

Claresholm contracts its police services with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The R.C.M.P. are responsible for the enforcement of all federal laws, provincial statues under the Criminal Code of Canada. The RCMP Office is located at 4th Street and 48 Avenue West.
Phone: Complaints (24 hours): 911 or (403) 625-4444
Administration/Information: (403) 625-4445

Ambulance Services are provided to the Town of Claresholm and area by Alberta Health Services.

The Town has a Disaster Services Committee who organizes the work of local agencies and volunteers in the development of plans and training exercises in case of disasters, both natural and man-made.

Claresholm offers high quality medical services through local facilities such as the medical clinic, hospitals, nursing home and health unit. Facilities including the Claresholm Centre for Mental Health & Addictions and AADAC also offer medical support. Claresholm is part of the Calgary Health Region.

The Claresholm Medical Clinic Phone: (403) 625-4484 is located west of the General Hospital on 43 Avenue West and houses the offices of our local doctors. The Claresholm General Hospital was opened in 1972 and today is an active treatment facility with 16 beds, and a 24-hour emergency. Phone: (403) 682-3700.

The Willow Creek Continuing Care Centre provides extended care for long term patients. In 1988 the present hospital was opened with 100 beds. Phone: (403) 625-3361.

The Porcupine Hills Seniors Lodge is run by the PHL Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides subsidized, low-cost housing for seniors 65 years of age and older who are functionally independent. The Foundation operates forty lodge units and eight 2-bedroom supportive housing units. Phone: (403) 625-3988. Please visit their website HERE.

The David Lander Centre/A.A.D.A.C. was first established in Claresholm in 1974. This facility offers treatment to people of Southern Alberta who are suffering from drug/alcohol addictions. Phone: (403) 625-1395.

The Claresholm Centre for Mental Health & Addictions provides community-based psychiatric facilities providing treatment, educational and supportive services. The facility’s purpose is to maximize the ability of mental health consumers to live independently in the environment of their choice. Phone: (403) 682-3500.

Through the Claresholm Health Unit, a wide array of community health programs are offered by the Calgary Health Region. Some of the services and programs offered are home visits, immunizations, public health inspections, speech pathologist, seniors wellness clinic, prenatal classes, and foot clinics. Phone: (403) 625-4061.

Claresholm also has chiropractic, dental, foot care (chiropodist), massage therapy, optometrist, physiotherapy, and reflexology services in town.