Community Peace Officer

Municipal enforcement duties within the Town of Claresholm are the responsibility of the Community Peace Officer. The Community Peace Officer works in conjunction with the Claresholm RCMP Detachment to ensure the safety of property and persons. The role of Community Peace Officer is appointed by the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security under the Peace Officer Act and the Oaths of Office Act.  The Community Peace Officer currently enforces:

  • All Bylaws in the  Town of Claresholm, including:
  • Selected Provincial legislation, including:
    • Municipal Government Act
    • Traffic Safety Act
    • Environmental Protection  and Enhancement Act
    • Animal Protection Act
    • Petty Trespass Act
    • Stray Animals Act
    • Provincial Offences Procedure Act
    • Dangerous Dogs Act
    • Tobacco Reduction Act
    • Highway Development and Protection Act
    • Weed Control Act


If you would like to make a complaint please ensure that you consult the Public Complaint Assistance and Information Package to fill out the appropriate municipal complaint form. Also included is outline of the enforcement process and specific instructions for complaints regarding barking dogs.  The completion (and signing) of the proper form will ensure that the Community Peace Officer has all the information required to investigate the matter.  The department cannot guarantee that complaints received by other means (verbally, by telephone, e-mail, etc.) will be promptly addressed. Please forward inquiries regarding Municipal Bylaws to the Community Peace Officer by email or telephone (403) 625.3381.

Claresholm Animal Rescue Society (CAReS) works in conjunction with the Community Peace Officer for the protection of animals. Please visit their website HERE. Falon Wagner did a video for Shaw TV Lethbridge about CAReS and the animal shelter. Please see it HERE.