Utilities and Services


Town Wide Clean-up runs each year in the spring. Please watch for updates for 2018.
If you have a large amount of refuse, please contact the Town Office for a bin. Items that WILL NOT be picked up include: *Propane tanks *Mattresses *Refrigerators & freezers *Hazardous waste (Toxic Roundup is every 2 years. Next one in 2019.) *Commercial materials *Contractor materials *Home renovation or construction products *Compostable materials (Please take to the compost site at the NE area of Town) *Televisions or computers (Claresholm 4-H Multi-Club Electronic Recycling Event is held in the spring at the Public Works Shop) *Tires or rubber. Metals WILL be picked up if placed in a separate area from other household materials. Please put clean up items out with your regular garbage. If you have questions, please contact the Town Office. Regular garbage and recycling pick up days will remain the same (except for holidays). For a full listing of what will and will not be picked up, please see HERE.

  • UTILITY BILLING BY EMAIL: Commercial and Residential Customers can choose to receive their utility billing electronically by email rather than receiving a paper copy. You can access the form in pdf HERE.
  • The Town of Claresholm accepts payment for utility billings by direct debit using a program called the Utility Payment Plan or UPP. Both commercial and residential customers are invited to sign up at any time during the year using the forms below.
    Utility Payment Plan for Commercial Customers
    Utility Payment Plan for Residential Customers

September 25, 2013Recycling Survey results were presented to Claresholm Town Council at their regular meeting on September 24th and are available to view HERE. The response from residences was about 26%  – much higher than anticipated! Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to respond. The information is very beneficial to the Town as enhancement of the program continues.

September 24, 2013 – An Open House was held the evening of Monday, September 23rd to discuss the Water and Wastewater Rate Studies that were just completed by Aquatera Utilities Inc. Studies such as this have never been done for the Town of Claresholm.
Power point presentations:   WATER   –   WASTEWATER
Full copies of the studies:   WATER   –   WASTEWATER
If you would like a printed copy of the studies, please stop by the Town Office. Town Council will be working with Administration to institute a new rate structure through Bylaw. Please watch for updates.

August 20, 2013The Town of Claresholm participated in a pilot project spearheaded by the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA).
AUMA has been actively involved in the evolution of water policy, and examination and development of related administration and delivery frameworks. To support sustainable municipal water operations and to address municipal water system challenges, AMSC developed the AMSC Water Initiative. Through its ‘Water Initiative’, AMSC is to support municipalities to strengthen municipal water infrastructure, reduce operating costs, and promote asset management.”
Through this initiative, the “AMSC Water Loss Control Pilot Project” was completed in August 2013. You can read it HERE.


The Town of Claresholm water system is operated as a self supported public utility as defined in the Municipal Government Act. Consumers are assured of a continuous, safe supply of potable water which meets public health standards, is aesthetically acceptable, adequate in volume and pressure, and operated in a cost effective manner with the latest technological developments. Since October 2009, Claresholm receives its water supply from the Pine Coulee Reservoir located approximately six (6) kilometres west of the Town of Stavely. In compliance with Alberta’s Water Act and other provincial regulations, the Town is licensed to divert water from Pine Coulee to operate the Claresholm Regional Water Treatment Plant. The raw water line from Pine Coulee to the Town of Claresholm was completed in 2008 at a cost of approximately $4,500,000. The Town of Claresholm had two water treatment plants previously, with the plant located at the south west corner receiving the upgrade to become the Claresholm Regional Water Treatment Plant. Upgrading was completed in 2010 and officially opened at a cost of approximately $10,000,000. Water from Pine Coulee is gravity fed to an onsite raw water reservoir to the south of the plant, then water is drawn from this reservoir and treated as required. The capacity of the new water plant is 6,912,000 litres per day. The Town of Claresholm can divert 1,301,235 cubic metres of water annually from Pine Coulee at the maximum diversion rate of 0.08 cubic metres per second. Treated water is provided to the Town of Claresholm, and also to the Town of Granum through a new treated water line completed in 2009. There are a few users within the MD of Willow Creek that were supplied by the old west plant that continue to be supplied potable water. The quality of water produced in Claresholm is excellent with new state of the art technology. Water is continuously sampled and tested to ensure it meets the standards set out by the local health authority.

Residential Water, Sanitary Sewer, Sanitation & Recycling Rates:

$36.00 per month for up to 25 cubic metres of water, with a charge of $.80 per cubic metre thereafter $10.90 / MONTH $12.50 / MONTH


Claresholm is serviced by a 140 acres lagoon system. The total length of sanitary sewer pipe is 42.8 km.

The town also operates a separate storm sewer system that helps prevents flooding by diverting rain and snow melt into the nearest water course. The total network of underground pipes is 11.49 km. Surface water enters the storm sewer system through curb-side storm drains and flows by gravity to various water channels located throughout the town, such as Frog Creek. Located at The Bridges Golf Course are standing water retention pools where water diverted from Frog Creek is stored and then used to irrigate the golf course.

The Willow Creek Regional Landfill is located 5.5 miles south of Claresholm, when traveling on Highway 2 and 2.5 miles east on Township Road 114. Phone (403) 687-2603 for information on the hours of operation. Claresholm Town Council encourages the use of the Regional Landfill in conjunction with the recycling depot located on the east side of Claresholm at Willow Creek Recycling.

E-Waste is now being taken at the Regional Landfill.  E-Waste consists of televisions and computer equipment.  Computer equipment consists of the following:  monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, all cables, speakers, servers, printers and printer combinations (scanners), laptops and notebooks.  All e-waste is recycled.  For further information, please contact the Regional Landfill at (403) 687-2603. This service is provided free of charge.

The Town of Claresholm has a recycling program for items that can be recycled but do not have deposits on them such as plastic, cardboard, paper and tin. Residential recycling is picked up on the same day as garbage pickup, and must be in clear plastic bags on the front street. The Town of Claresholm does not accept glass for recycling as no recycling facility currently exists for glass. Commercial customers must deliver their recycling to the Recycling Depot Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) from 12 Noon to 3:00pm to 4122 – 3rd Street East, beside the Town Shop. For further information, please contact the Town Office.

You can recycle bottles, cans, plastic milk containers, and any other items that have a deposit on them at any private recycling depot.

The Town of Claresholm has an organic recycling depot situated at the north east corner of town on Division Avenue. Residents of Claresholm can drop off lawn clippings, leaves, and branches less than 2” in diameter for recycling. Please put plastic bags in the garbage containers provided. The compost area has lots of wood chips and compost available to anyone who wishes to take it at no charge. Branches are made into wood chips as much as possible. Some items are not suitable or too small to be made into a usable material, and the Town does burn off these items every few months, but only when the weather is conducive to doing so.


Electric Power: Call Before You Dig! Fortis (403) 310-9473 Epcor (403) 310-4300 For information regarding a retail supplier of electricity, the best resource is the provincial government website at www.customerchoice.gov.ab.ca or call Alberta Government Services at 1-877-427-4088.
For information regarding current power outages, please see Fortis Alberta’s website HERE.

Natural Gas: ATCO Gas – Distributor Phone: (403) 625-3445 or 310-5678 for customer and billing inquiries (Lethbridge) For 24-hour gas emergencies,  call 1-800-511-3447. For information regarding a retail supplier of natural gas, the best resource is the provincial government website at www.customerchoice.gov.ab.ca or call Alberta Government Services at 1-877-427-4088.

Power & Gas: Just Energy https://www.justenergy.com/alberta or phone 1-855-387-6071.

Telephone: Telus Communications Phone: (403) 310-2255

Shaw Phone: 1-888-472-2222

Television: Shaw Sales & Customer Care: 1-888-472-2222 Technical Support (24/7/365): 1-800-565-6603 www.shaw.ca

Bell Phone: 1-888-759-3474