May 17, 2017

The Town of Claresholm has completed its’ community branding process with the help and guidance of the Town Council, Economic Development Committee, and over 150 local stakeholders. This journey included 3 community forums, over 60 one-on-one conversations, and feedback via social media, e-mail and telephone. The process has sculpted a unique brand that reflects the multiple viewpoints and preferences of our community at large.

The logo is a refreshed image that carries forward the strong affinity for a design that incorporates our neighbouring foothills and warm sunshine. The predominant changes are the restyling of the lines to reflect a modern appeal and the inclusion of the water tower as a visual icon and historic landmark within the Town. Inclusion of the water tower juxtaposed against the surrounding natural qualities of the MD reflect our greater sense of community, which extends far beyond any municipal boundaries. The golden yellow represents our wheatlands meeting with the rich greenery of the foothills. This is a throwback and salute to the role that our surrounding agriculture and ranching has, and continues to, play in our community. The deep blue represents the distant mountains and our expansive blue skies, celebrating our prized weather and access to some of the most beautiful landscapes for hiking, fishing, quading and camping. The logo is designed in an open, inviting, and warm format to represent those same characteristics within the community.

Our tagline, “Where Community Takes Root” speaks to the deep-rooted nature of our community. We are genuine Albertans who live for the outdoors. Our strength of character grows proud from our agricultural and familial roots. We draw nourishment from our surroundings, and have used this nourishment and sense of community service to build the best healthcare and range of sports facilities of any town in Southwestern Alberta. We take a lot of pride in our active, hands-on culture, and the world-class people it creates. We openly respect and take pride in our heritage. We know everyone can pitch in, play an active role, and pull together to make big things happen. We are welcoming, supportive of one another, and have a flair for western hospitality and heritage. We are diverse, but equally committed to the prosperity and longevity of our community.

The project, ‘Claresholm: Defining a Promise’, continues on as we finalize our marketing plan for tourism, residential and industrial attraction and develop a new municipal website. Our new logo and tagline will be introduced via attrition, replacing items as appropriate and ensuring all future signage and marketing reflects this message. Wordplay with the term ‘Community’ in the tagline “Where Community Takes Root” will take place as we showcase how Claresholm is where opportunity takes root, where family takes root, where agriculture takes root, and similar changes depending on the intended audience. We will continue to work with developers, businesses and entrepreneurs to create new opportunities, while also working to support our existing businesses through community marketing, signage, beautification and facilitating expansion of our communications infrastructure. In short, we are excited to experience some of the upcoming tangible benefits of months of hard work. Our most sincere thanks to everyone who has played a role in this process, and continues to support our community in all the ways that makes Claresholm a town that truly punches above its’ weight.

Logo colors are:

Blue: Pantone 2945C
(CMYK equivalent: C 100; M 70; Y 14; K 2)

Tangerine: Pantone 143C
(CMYK equivalent: C 5; M 36; Y 98; K 0)

Green: Pantone 370C
(CMYK equivalent: C 73; M 24; Y 100; K 9)

Substituting of colors is not acceptable. The font used in the logo is Warnock Pro.
The logo and identity work was done by Adair Advertising, Lethbridge.
The logo was registered as an Official Mark in May of 2011.

Please contact Marian Carlson, CAO at the Town Office for permitted uses.